How the MCLO device can enhance your airport lighting system with optical fiber technology
If you are looking for a smart and reliable solution for your airport lighting system, you might be interested in the Monitor Control Lamp Optical (MCLO)

Monitor Control Lamp Optical (MCLO), a device that allows the smart management of airfield ground lighting (AGL) using optical fiber communication technology. It is part of the Modular Intelligent Airport (MIA) system, a solution developed by I-TAC group, a leading company in the aviation business.

The MCLO can monitor and control up to five runway lights, detecting single burnt lamps and switching them on or off remotely. It can also transmit state, functioning voltages, temperature and other diagnostic data of the module itself, even if the AGL plants are switched off. The MCLO has a galvanic insulation, and it is not affected by low insulation on main circuits. It is also waterproof, sturdy and compliant with IP68 standards.

The MCLO uses optical fiber technology, which guarantees fast, reliable and interference-free data transmission. The optical fiber also allows the optical split of data communication from the electrical vault to the field, eliminating any noise generated by medium or low voltage circuits. The MCLO has a fault tolerance monitoring technology that reduces the CAT non-availability in case of channel malfunctioning.

The MCLO is a patented device that has been certified by FAA L-890 standards. It is compatible with any AGL system and can be easily installed and configured. The MCLO is one of the devices that make up the MIA system, a complete solution for AGL monitoring and control that includes software, hardware and services. The MIA system is designed to meet the needs of any airport, from international CAT III to small airports, and to ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

In conclusion, the MCLO is a device that can improve your airport lighting system by providing smart monitoring and control features using optical fiber technology. It is part of the MIA system, a comprehensive solution for AGL management that can adapt to any airport size and category. If you want to know more about the MCLO and the MIA system, please contact us today to get a free quote and consultation.



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