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Smart Access 360

• You can route map objects or people indoors
• detect users’ proximity
• open doors remotely 
• issue virtual keys to visitor
• 3-way authentication and much more.

Its suitable for everyone, personal or professional use, facilities, residentials areas, airports, hospitals, hotels and even government buildings.

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AI-based Food Testing System

Food is a number one priority for everyone, and with the food testing solution by VizLore you can stop worrying about food going bad in any step from manufacturing to delivering and servicing. 

As you will be able to test food in the moment and get results immediately with accuracy up to 100% using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Solar Powered AGL

Airfield ground lighting is the most critical navigational aid at the airport. It is expected to be operative 24/7. 

Therefore airfield lighting design involves multiple back-ups to minimize the probability of lighting outage.

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AGL 365 Days on Solar

Is solar AGL a good option for any location in the World?
What happens when solar panel does not provide sufficient energy?
Get the answers by watching this video.

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