I-TAC Group's Electrifying Excellence: Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Products
In the ever-evolving world of electrical infrastructure, a reliable partner is essential to ensure a seamless flow of power across our cities and industries.


I-TAC Group, in collaboration with esteemed partners like Zeto, Gulifa, Huaci, Ergom, and HTEE, has taken the mantle to provide cutting-edge solutions for the transmission and distribution of electrical products. In this blog post, we'll explore I-TAC's wide range of offerings and how they are powering our world.

Overhead Line Fittings & Accessories

One of I-TAC Group's specialties lies in the realm of overhead line fittings and accessories, capable of handling voltages up to an impressive 500 KV. These components are crucial for the reliable operation of electrical transmission and distribution systems. With I-TAC's expertise, you can rest assured that your high-voltage lines will remain steadfast even in the face of harsh environmental conditions and operational demands.

Electrical Insulators and Surge Arrestors

 I-TAC Group goes the extra mile by providing electrical insulators and surge arrestors that can also withstand voltages of up to 500 KV. Insulators are the unsung heroes of the electrical world, ensuring that electricity flows smoothly and safely. Surge arrestors, on the other hand, protect your infrastructure from damaging voltage spikes. The quality and durability of I-TAC's insulators and surge arrestors are second to none.

Disconnect Switches

When it comes to disconnect switches, I-TAC has a remarkable offering capable of handling voltages up to an astonishing 750 KV. These high-voltage switches are instrumental in ensuring that power can be safely isolated and rerouted, reducing the chances of electrical accidents or damage to equipment. I-TAC's disconnect switches are engineered for reliability, even in the most demanding conditions.

Current and Voltage Transformers (CT/VT)

For accurate measurement and monitoring of electrical parameters, I-TAC Group's CT/VT offerings are unparalleled. With products designed to handle voltages up to 750 KV, they provide precise data for power distribution and management. Whether it's monitoring energy consumption or ensuring the stability of the grid, I-TAC's CT/VT products play a pivotal role.

Cold/Heat-Shrinkable Accessories

Last but not least, I-TAC's range of cold and heat-shrinkable accessories is designed for voltages up to 36 KV. These accessories are vital for sealing and insulating cable connections, ensuring their longevity and performance, even in adverse conditions. I-TAC's commitment to quality and innovation shines through in these products.


 I-TAC Group, in partnership with leading industry names like Zeto, Gulifa, Huaci, Ergom, and HTEE, is redefining excellence in the transmission and distribution of electrical products. Their products are engineered for performance, durability, and safety, ensuring a reliable power supply in both routine and challenging conditions. When it comes to the electrification of our world, I-TAC Group stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability, powering the future.

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