Inter Airport Europe 2023 and I-TAC Group’s Participation
I-TAC Group’s Strategic Participation in Inter Airport Europe 2023: Showcasing Saudi Arabia’s Aviation Market Potential and Forging Global Partnerships

A Brief History of Inter Airport Europe

Inter Airport Europe, with a rich history of over 40 years, has been the unique platform that unites the global airport community. This biennial event brings together thousands of visitors from around the world, eager to experience first-hand the latest products, pioneering technologies, and breakthroughs in operational systems. The event covers all areas of airport-related technology, equipment, and services, making it a one-stop-shop for the entire airport industry.

Key Attendees

Inter Airport Europe 2023 was attended by professionals from airports and airlines, consultants, project managers as well as other suppliers and specifiers to the airport sector. Some of the key attendees included companies like S4GA, MC Solutions, Luxsolar, ElectroAir. These companies represent a diverse range of sectors within the airport industry, showcasing the breadth and depth of the event’s reach.

I-TAC Group’s Aviation Business Unit Services

I-TAC Group’s Aviation Business Unit offers a comprehensive range of services and products designed to provide complete airfield solutions. Their offerings include:


They specialize in providing complete airfield solutions such as Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL), Visual Aids, Aircraft Guidance, Advanced Airfield Control & Monitoring Systems among others.

Helipad Services

They offer a range of services for both land and off-shore helipads including Helipad Design & ITC, Rooftop/ Pancake Helipads among others.

Obstruction Light Services

They provide “Aircraft Warning lights” for high rise buildings and landmarks.

Solar AGL Services

They offer a complete range of solar and portable products for temporary and permanent solutions with control system.

Ground Service Products

They provide a range of ground service products including GPU, FHS among others.


They offer a range of services including design review among others.


They offer various training courses including Airfield Ground Lighting — Design Course (AGL-D) among others.


They offer a range of products including MIA - AVL Control & Monitoring Systems among others.

The Pivotal Role of Saudi Arabia’s Aviation Market

Saudi Arabia’s aviation market plays a pivotal role in its socio-economic growth. The air transport sector contributes significantly to Saudi Arabia’s economy. In fact, Saudi Arabia expects the contribution of its aviation sector to more than triple from SR80 billion ($21.3bn) in 2018 to SR280bn ($74.6bn) by 2030.

Investment Opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s Aviation Sector

Saudi Arabia has committed to investing $100 billion into its aviation sector by 2030. This investment is expected to come through a combination of private and public funding and will be used to upgrade the Kingdom’s air traffic infrastructure.


I-TAC Group’s participation in Inter Airport Europe 2023 was not only about showcasing their capabilities but also about highlighting the opportunities that lie in the Saudi Arabian market for international aviation companies. Their role as a facilitator for these companies underscores their commitment to fostering international collaborations and contributing to the growth and development of the aviation industry in Saudi Arabia.

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