VizLore LLC is an American company based in the state of Arizona involved in diverse research and innovation projects worldwide. The company serves the global customers by designing, building and operating a variety of advanced technology systems and solutions based on the state of the art Data Analytics (AI, ML), IoT, and Blockchain technology enablers.


1. SmartAccess 360 

Smart access 360 controller has the ability to integrate with existing systems and with VizLore LLC’s digital twin modeling technology to enable you to control access to your facilities as follows: 
• You can route map objects or people indoors
• detect users’ proximity
• open doors remotely 
• issue virtual keys to visitor
• 3-way authentication and much more. 

2. FoodEye Technology
A new technology called FoodEye detects contamination or spoilage in food using versatile handheld spectrophotometry technology powered by artificial intelligence and cloud machine learning technology instead of traditional lab methods. This technology identifies contamination in seconds instead of hours or days, and it also provides traceability through Blockchain technology